About Manjal

Manjal, or Turmeric in English, is a vibrant golden spice and a staple in Indian cuisine. Manjal is a distinctive, full-bodied root with a fragrant mustard-like aroma and a taste comparable to black pepper. Manjal not only provides richness but also works in harmony with other spices, enhancing the overall flavors of any dishes.

Manjal has been honored for centuries in India for its auspiciousness and natural healing properties. Manjal has even been incorporated into religious ceremonies, weddings, and other festivities as it is believed to boost immunity and bring prosperity by warding off negative energy.

At Manjal, we aim to preserve and celebrate authentic South Indian cuisine and provide our customers with impeccable service and unique dining experience.

What our Clients say

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant atmosphere. I was welcomed warmly with a lovely smile by Karamjeet. The dishes my friend Melina and I ordered was delicious. I was expecting a very tasty dinner to be served and I was not disappointed. The Menu has so many dishes. The prices are great! Plenty of parking too! I truly recommend this restaurant for a very good dining experience.

    Isabelle Schucroft

  • Best place in Burnaby area for authentic South Indian food! The restaurant is very neat and hygienic. Their coconut pudding is a must try! The service was prompt and the owners are very friendly. Price is very reasonable.

    Alan Hadley

  • My family and I had our dinner in this just opened South Indian Restaurant and we enjoyed their food a lot. We had an opportunity to taste certain items that we had never experienced before. Food and service both excellent . We highly recommend this place .

    Tissa Bandara

  • Clean and neat restaurant. Great food and wonderful service. The food was quick to arrive despite being busy. Chilly mushroom and lemon terror were really good.

    Aravindhan Ravindran